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A female with abdominal pain can turn into a very complicated patient, thus this chief complaint needs its very own podcast. We'll review the bread and butter basics go over some practical tips on how to avoid all the pitfalls with these patients.

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Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints in the ED. In this podcast we will review how to get a good history, how to do a solid abdominal exam, and a systematic method for figuring out how to effectively use imaging with to make a diagnosis or, at the very least, rule out "the badness".

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Chest pain- its one of the most common chief complaints in the ED and we need to be the experts on this.  This podcast reviews how to get a good history of the patient's chest pain, the relevant physical exam findings, how to work it up, and how to talk effectively to your consultants.

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An introduction to the EM Basic Podcast and what it is all about

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