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Join Zac Hodges, Chris Watson, and Dan McCollum as they discuss the management of pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA.  What are key findings on the history and physical exam that point to DKA?  What is the initial management of these patients?  How is the management similar and different than the management of DKA in adults?  Join us for the answer to this and more.

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Today's episode of the podcast is a myth busting on all the media reports about first responders overdosing by being exposed to fentanyl in the field by incidental contact. This is physically impossible and the misinformation out there has scared a lot of people, cost us lots of money in the form of hazmat responses and shutting down hospitals, and prevented overdose patients from getting the timely care they need in an emergency. This episode will systematically go through every argument why fentanyl is NOT harmful via incidental exposure and debunk these myths to give first responders one less thing to worry about while they do their frequently dangerous yet vital work.

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EM Basic is finally back with a new episode. Today's episode will discuss neonatal resuscitation with Dr. Azif Safarulla, a neonatologist at Augusta University. Dr. Dan McCollum and Dr. Jessica Gancar interview Dr. Safarulla on the nuts and bolts of running a successful neonatal resuscitation in the ED. These can be one of the scariest populations we have in the ED so it's important to have a rational and logical approach to quickly assess and intervene on our smallest and youngest patient population.

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